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Night Care

What we mean by “night care” is having a carer stay at your home overnight to assist you with your regular tasks. Night Care gives people access to qualified professionals who can help with even the most complicated care needs 7 days a week.

If you or a loved one feels unsafe being left alone at night, you may need night care. Our night carers are highly trained and can help with things like going to the bathroom, giving medications, and repositioning.

Because every person and situation is different, our night care is tailored to your specific requirements. With a dedicated night carer, support is always accessible. It means you or a loved one can stay in your own home, which is the most comfortable setting.

Why would I need to be cared for overnight?

Night care can help you or a loved one overcome the anxiety of being alone at night. However, it also helps in a variety of different ways, including:

  • Assist with medication administration at night.

  • Helping with toilet breaks

  • Regular assistance with shifting positions in bed, particularly following surgery or injury.

  • Our nursing-led team can help with complex care needs.

  • Better overall health as a result of sleeping through the night.
  • Someone on hand to help those who are suffering from degenerative conditions like dementia.
  • Having someone close gives your family further peace of mind.
  • Finding reliable night care is sometimes the deciding element in allowing people to stay in their own homes rather than consider residential care.

What services does our night care provide?

A waking night involves the carer being awake all night to assist with any care requirements that may occur. Night care can be given at regular times throughout the night, with the caretaker doing chores and other important tasks around the house.

Because the carer will be on duty throughout the night, this is referred to as a “waking night.” If you require considerable support at several points throughout the night, such as waking up confused or requiring regular aid in changing positions or taking medicine, we can arrange for one of our trained carers to assist you.

Our sitting service provides night relief for another caregiver.

We also provide a sitting service and nightly respite. We make sure that you or a loved one have someone to talk to while your regular caregiver is away.

If you want to see if night care is suitable for you, our night respite service may be a good temporary answer.

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