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About Us

Pure Health Care Pvt Ltd will assist you in living a happier, more independent life. We provide expert carers to assist you with daily tasks around the house. Our skilled carers are eager to care for you and support you in attaining your best potential.


Pure Health Care Pvt Ltd

What is Our Goal

We want to be known far and wide as an efficient service that provides care and that excels in both the quality of the service and the delivery of it.

We provide high-quality care and support that is aimed at keeping you in your home as comfortably and independently as possible. Our health care specialists can support you with anything and make your life smoother. We aim to enable you or your family to attain your greatest potential in life.


What Are Our Principles

To offer services that encourage all interactions to be honest, respectful, decent, open, private, and self-determined.
To deliver service using a person-centered approach and current regulations, methods, and legislation. 
We strive to improve your mental and physical health and assist you become as independent as possible in circumstances that limit you.


What is our purpose?

We wish to assist you maximise your potential in all areas of life as effectively as possible.
We will collaborate with important people in your life and other agencies to provide holistic care.
To provide a supportive environment that increases your access to wellness.


Our Management

Pure Health Care Pvt Ltd is owned by Sophie Chishaka. Sophie is a qualified solicitor in England and Wales. Pure Health Care Pvt Ltd is regulated by Care Quality Commission. Sophie has hands on experience with care work and she has knowledge of Adult Social Care. Sophie is very keen on personal development and has embedded this in her company.

Our Story

Pure Health Care Pvt Ltd was founded as a result of my parents’ inspiration. In their old age, I realised they needed me and my siblings to support them with their everyday activities so that their lives at home might be simpler. We made it a priority to provide them with high-quality care. As a result, I wanted to help others follow in my parents’ footsteps by becoming self-sufficient at home, regardless of their age or situation. Furthermore, to provide children whose parents require care with the assurance that their loved ones are being cared for without interfering with their own lives. As a result, Pure Healthcare was formed.

Our Team

Our staff is courteous, kind, and pleasant people who always respect the preferences of customers and their families and put your ideas and opinions first in all they do. We go above and above to guarantee that our crew is properly taught, monitored, supervised, and managed. They go through a rigorous procedure that includes the following steps:

We look for those that have a passion for helping others.

Verification entails checking all references supplied as well as the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Selected people are required to complete the following courses:

  • First Aid
  • Infection control
  • Fire Safety
  • Medication
  • Specialist courses
  • Health and safety
  • Moving and handling
  • Food Hygiene
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